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Environmental Policy Statement

DADO Manufacturing (Pty) Ltd aims to create a climate of excellence not only in the manner we run our business but also in our environmental impact.

DADO Manufacturing recognises its responsibility for the impacts it has on the environment and our surrounding communities. We manage our activities to minimise wherever practical our effect on the environment and seek continual improvement within each step of our manufacturing process.

Our policy commits the Company at all levels to ensure that we:

  • Identify any risks of pollution and seek sustainable solutions and best practices.
  • Reduce the use of unnecessary material, resources, and energy, to a minimum.
  • Manage our waste through minimisation and recycling.
  • Minimise any adverse environmental effects as a result of our activities and production.
  • Guarantee that any persons working on our behalf agree to our policy of commitment and uphold it.
  • Seek to assure that products and services provided by third parties can be used, stored, handled, and disposed of in a manner which safeguards the environment.
  • Continuously strive to be involved in our local communities to affect change for a better future.