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DADO Manufacturing Timeline

Staying ahead of technology and design trends since 1998.


Starting small. Like all good stories, ours began in a garage – manufacturing décor tiles. Not long after, DADO Creations relocated to a modest 200 m2 building in Silverton, Pretoria.


Discovering DADOquartz®. We advanced in our trade and as our skills in the bathroom ware industry improved, our product range grew. After testing various bathtub and basin materials, we developed DADOquartz®.

2004 – 2005:

Introducing robotics. We officially approved DADOquartz® as material for our bathtub and basin manufacturing. The Acanthus was our first hand-shaped DADOquartz® bathtub. During this time, we also incorporated our first casting robot into the manufacturing process.

2009 – 2011:

Going international. Rapid progress saw us deep-dive into trending bathtub and basin design shapes. We entered the international market in 2010 with exports of our expanded DADO Creations range to England and Italy.


Getting a new company. It was time to branch out, and we registered a new company, DADO Manufacturing.


Inspired by cities. Our international footprint spread with our City Range – inspired by London, Dubai, and Amsterdam. The Toronto and Rio bathtub and basin ranges were added during the following year.


Automated finishing. We installed our first finishing robot to further improve the quality of our bathtubs and basins.


OEM market opportunities. DADO Manufacturing started producing specific models as an original equipment manufacturer for brands in the USA, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.


Big on kids. Three child-friendly bathtub and basin designs added to the DADO Manufacturing collection.


Universal splendour. Our largely automated 4 200 m2 top-class facility has a significant production capacity, delivering our innovative, luxurious, and high-quality products globally. We also updated our logo to a crossover brand image, which is a mark of perfection.


Built-in beauty. We made an addition to our range that allows for built-in bath designs.  We also expanded our global footprint to Sydney, Australia, opening a new showroom to house our DADOquartz® collection.


Built for practicality. DADOquartz® is proud to introduce the innovative design of carved out grab handles.  Our basins make beautiful countertop pieces but can now be installed as under-mounted, granting you the gift of choice.