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Reusable materials

Environmentally Conscious Manufacturing

Eco-friendly packaging


Go green with us. We recognise and environmental sustainability as a vital part of our business strategy. DADO Manufacturing is committed to sustainable, resource-efficient production operations.

Renewable energy

We are always working towards becoming more environmentally responsible and eco-friendly.  The solar panel systems that we have integrated into our manufacturing plant, allows us to be less reliant on fossil fuels which results in the reduction of our carbon footprint. Solar panels are also able to operate well in different climates, ensuring production levels remain consistent without exhausting the energy source or incurring additional costs.  We are committed to steadily scaling up our use of renewable energy to operate in a way that sustains our environment to ensure that there are enough natural resources for future generations, without decreasing present quality of life.

Air quality

We are mindful of the air quality that is emitted from our manufacturing plants and have therefore incorporated air filtration systems that not only protect our environment but provide a healthier working atmosphere for our employees.  Our air filtration technology provides effective ventilation by removing pollutants through ducts that are installed throughout the factory. This system aids us in our commitment to be socially and environmentally stable by preserving the quality of life and our o-zone layer.

Water use

The DADO Manufacturing production process is designed to conserve, reduce, recycle, reuse and recycle processed water. Our water management strategy drives us to continually advance our technology and engineering towards production and product quality. We apply water preservation principles at all levels, from mapping consumption, optimising processes, reusing industrial water before treatment, to recycling wastewater after additional treatment at various stages of the production process.